Our experience was exteremly positive and would not hesitate to recommend energyhelpline as I am sure others can benefit from the service

My experience with energyhelpline has been extremely positive. They were most helpful and efficient. I was extremely happy with their service. They searched and obtained a better rate when our contract was due to expire. We were with Eon, we received a direct renewal offer from Eon but we went through energyhelpline and got a much better deal with Eon itself. The energyhelpline deal beat the renewal offer of Eon. The outcome and result of our call to energyhelpline was an attractive three year deal with Eon. Now we are not worried about the increasing tariffs anymore for the next three years and saved a lot of money in the process.

Ann Foster
Whorlton Village Community Association

I would most definitely recommend the service to anyone

I found the service extremely good and the advisor answered all my questions to a statisfactory standard. I would most definitely recommend the service to anyone and would be happy for them to contact me after my existing contract expires. I am completely satisfied and do not have any suggestions in relation to imrovements to the service.

Kate Tolson
Premises Manager
St Mary's Islington PCC Church

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