Station unveils new lighting control system

01-12-2014 Posted by:Manny Kapur

A new lighting control system unveiled at one of the country’s busiest train stations is set to have a major impact on business electricity bills at the location.

Clapham Junction in London has had a new intelligent lighting control system fitted that is expected to cut bills by as much as 35 per cent.

Amy Dickinson, environment manager at the South West Trains/Network Rail Alliance, explained that the system also incorporates information on track usage.

South West Trains and Network Rail are aiming to save £7 million and £12 million a year through the new lighting technology, which would deliver payback for the project within six years.

“Reducing our energy consumption is a challenging but crucial aspect of our business. Intelligent lighting has enabled us to save, on average, 20 per cent at each location,” Ms Dickinson said.

Lighting controls company Open Technology was charged with the installation of the new technology, which works by setting the precise light levels required during different phases of operation. This matches up lighting use to other important factors such as train timetables, passenger presence and natural light levels to ensure less energy is being wasted at the station.

This means that the system will dim lights when the station is not being used or switch them off entirely when it is closed, saving off the business electricity bills at the location.

Across the rail network in London, changes are being made to save energy and reduce carbon footprints, with some stations even making use of renewable energy. At King’s Cross, large solar arrays have been installed, while similar technology has also been put in place at Blackfriars.

The Confederation of British Industry recently called for the government to do more to support energy efficiency schemes up and down the country, despite the flagship Green Deal scheme launched by the coalition last year. Shining a Light: Uncovering the business energy efficiency opportunity urged the government to reassess all current business energy efficiency policies.

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