Half hourly energy meters

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If you’re not sure about half hourly energy meters, read on.  If at any time you’ve got questions or queries, we’ve got plenty of help and information on the website.

Half hourly energy meters

How do I know if I have a Half Hourly / 100kw supply?

There are two simply ways of checking this.  Usually a half hourly meter will have a communications link so that meters can be read remotely on a daily basis or if you check your supply number you see that it begins 00.

I have a Half Hourly meter / 100kw meter, can you help?

Yes.  We can arrange for prices to be sought from alternative suppliers.  This service can sometimes involve a small fee.

To find the best deals for your business call 0800 008 77 72.  Our office hours are Mon-Fri 9am-6pm.

Alternatively, Click here to provide basic business usage details to look for a great business deal.

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