Business Gas & Electricity

Business gas and electricity prices vary widely depending on the supplier. Moreover, the prices the same supplier offers to different businesses can vary significantly.

At energyhelpline business we can help to compare prices from different suppliers and get the good deals which are sometimes completely exclusive to us.

Business gas and electricity suppliers

Some suppliers supply to businesses exclusively, whilst some also offer domestic energy too.

Most business gas and electricity suppliers offer fixed-price contracts for a period of between 1 to 5 years.

Business gas and electricity prices

There are loads of factors which affect the price you will be charged for your business gas and electricity including where the premises is, the nature of the business and the amount of energy consumed. Of course, as this is a dual fuel (including both gas and electricity), it will indefinitely be more expensive than just one of these singally, but could potentially cost less when packaged together like this.

How can energyhelpline business help you compare business gas and electricity?

Our advisors will be able to compare prices from 16 business energy suppliers, including suppliers for duel fuel (both gas and electricity) to fit in with your energy saving plans.

This will save you the time and hassle that it would take to compare yourself from each individual supplier. All you need is a few simple details from your bill and we can sort the rest out for you.

If you choose to switch, we will also take care of the communication with your old supplier and new supplier and will make sure your contract goes live seamlessly.

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