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If you’re not sure about business electricity, read on.  If at any time you’ve got questions or queries, we’ve got plenty of help and information on the website.

You’ve probably noticed your business electricity bills rising rapidly over the past couple of years.

The price we pay for our business electricity is largely dictated by wholesale gas prices, as 40% of UK electricity is generated by gas-fuelled power stations.

In 2002, wholesale gas prices began to rise at an unprecedented rate, which forced up the price of electricity.   As the world’s economy has grown, demand has pushed wholesale gas prices through the roof.

The UK’s North Sea fields have declined faster than predicted, so the UK has been forced to import more gas from Europe.  At the same time, the price of oil has risen massively, which has also driven up wholesale gas prices.

It’s easy to switch business electricity and cut off the bills with

The UK energy market is very competitive, with 10 major companies offering a variety of different business electricity tariffs. makes it easy to compare all business electricity suppliers and switch to a new company.

To find the best deals for your business call 0800 008 77 72.  Our office hours are Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

How do I get cheap business electricity?

Making sure you have your current business electricity bill to hand will make the whole process a lot quicker.

With our free of charge service at energyhelpline business, we can get exclusive rates direct from the suppliers. This stops the need for you to go directrly to each supplier, and means we have the most competitive rates, saving you both money and time.

It takes approximately 4-6 weeks to switch business electricity suppliers and we will oversee the process on your behalf, communicating with both your new and old supplier to make sure everything runs smoothly.

To find the best business electricity prices call 0800 008 77 72.  Our office hours are Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.


Alternatively, Click here to provide basic business gas usage details to look for a great business electricity deal.

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