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Hotel convention picture with nicely laid out round tables and chairs - Save up to 70% on energy bills of your hotel business by switching energy provide with energyhelpline business

Lower Operational Costs—Switch the Energy Supplier for Your Hotel

We Can Save You Up to 70% on Business Electricity and Gas

Switch your hotel’s energy supplier to prevent business electricity and gas bills from eating up your operational budget. energyhelpline has helped hundreds of UK hotels trim their costs by up to 70%. We compare energy prices from big and small suppliers all across the country to get you the cheapest business electricity or gas rates. As the leading independent business energy comparison and switching service, our rates are often exclusive.

Start realising your savings today. We can switch your electricity or gas supplier over the phone!

Hotels face many challenges to their profitability:

  • Managing customer expectations: Business depends on customer satisfaction. One negative experience is enough to move clients elsewhere. Customers are also constantly pushing the limits on service to get more. Hotels find themselves walking the tight rope to keep clients happy, often at their own expense.
  • Staffing issues: Attracting and retaining the right hotel staff is not easy. With shrinking margins, labour is the first casualty. Significant increases in employee benefit costs are making it more expensive for employers to hire and retain talent. Thus, hotels are forced to be more selective in their hiring process.
  • New technology: As the generation of customers moves forward, so must hotel service. Generation Y believes in being connected and wants everything now. This means continuous investment in new technology.
  • Generating new revenue streams: Hotels must look for new ways to generate revenue like hosting banquets, conferences, special celebrations and even sporting events, such as golf tournaments. Expansion of services costs money.
  • Lowering cost: Hotel owners and managers are always seeking ways to improve their operational efficiency without cutting back on services and amenities offered to hotel guests. Yet, every saving usually comes with an initial investment in upgrades and employee training, which hotels aren’t able to immediately afford.
  • Escalating renovation and construction costs: Increases in renovation and construction costs are resulting in increased capital requirements.
  • Rising business energy prices: Energy bills eat into a major portion of a hotelier’s budget. From heating and lighting to cooking and washing, everything involves the use of energy. Constantly rising energy rates make it difficult to stay viable.
  • Security: From natural disasters to robberies and vulnerability to terrorism, hotels must demonstrate that they maintain the latest safety and security codes. This unfortunately requires a considerable financial commitment that many hotels find hard to make.
  • Competitive Web environment: With more than 70% of guests going online to research their accommodation options and book rooms, hotels are facing a highly competitive environment. They have to work hard to earn their customers’ loyalty and fight for every booking online.

Use your business energy savings to fund other important projects in your hotel. energyhelpline can help you switch your electricity or gas supplier right away. Ten percent of customers who switched their energy supplier with us between 1st October and 25th November 2014 saved £1,786 or more. Switch your supplier now!

To get started, all we need is your current contract details.

Quickly Compare Business Electricity and Gas Rates to Find the Cheapest One

energyhelpline’s Free Service Can Switch Your Energy Supplier Right Away

The business energy advisers at energyhelpline are very knowledgeable about energy prices. They will do a quick business electricity and gas price comparison to find the best deal for you. The process to switch your energy supplier is not complicated. It can be done over the phone and in a few minutes.

energyhelpine is on your side! We will manage the entire switching process for you, including contacting your new business gas and electricity supplier. More importantly, you do not pay anything for the business energy comparison or our switching service. We even provide you with a Free Quote for the cheapest business electricity and gas rates to help you make the move.

To generate energy savings which you can use to make your hotel business more profitable, switch your energy supplier today.

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