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Switching supplier or tariff to save money is easy and we do all of the hard work for you!

At Save by Switching we believe we have the best team of Energy Advisors focussed on the UK energy market.  Each member of our team undergoes extensive training.  Their unsurpassed knowledge of the tariffs available means that you can rest assured that you will be given the best advice.

Tariff structures and discounts are complex.  Increasingly suppliers are imposing penalties for leaving a tariff before a specified date.  Unlike internet price comparison services, which leave customers to understand the details themselves, our team of Energy Advisors will talk you through everything you need to know in order for you to be sure you have made the right choice of a new tariff or supplier.

Details you need to know

To allow our Energy Advisors to undertake an accurate comparison you will need to be able to tell them the supplier you are currently with and the tariff you are on.  If you know how much you spend on your gas and electric or the number of KWs you use in a given period our Energy Advisors will be able to accurately advise you of the best options available.  If you are unsure of your usage our Energy Advisors have sophisticated estimating tools they can use to assess how much gas or electricity you use, depending on a number of factors such as, the type and size of property and number of people in the family.

How does the process for transferring suppliers work?

Once you have chosen a supplier, you provide our Energy Advisors with the details to complete your switch application.  We’ll forward these details securely to your new supplier who will arrange the switch.  We’ll also send you an email or letter confirming the details of the switch and a contact point for your new supplier.

Within a month you will be given a supply transfer date by your new supplier.  On this day you should take a meter reading and submit it to your new supplier.  They will contact your old provider so they can arrange a final bill and close your account.

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