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What is a half hourly meter?

Half hourly meters are electricity meters used for large businesses who use more than 100kWh at any given time. Because of these high levels, the National Grid needs to monitor their meter and will automatically record the usage every half hour using AMR (automatic meter reading). This helps to provide a more accurate electricity reading.

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How do I know if I have a Half Hourly / 100kWh supply?

The most simple way of checking if you have one of these meters is by checking your supply number on a previous energy bill. If the number on the right of the ‘S’ in your supply number is 00, then you have a half hourly meter. Beacuse of this, half hourly meters are sometimes referred to as 00 meters.

How to read a half hourly meter

You shouldn’t have to read your meter, as they are normally automated to send the data direct to your electricity supplier. You will need a Meter Operator, and a data collector.

The meter operator helps with the installation and maintenance of your meter. They also make sure the automated communication process within the meter is working and able to send the data to the data collector without any issues.

Your energy supplier can help with this or an accredited third-party, like us. However, you need to already have a contract in place for your electricity supply, so this will need to be done first.

The data collector collects the data automatically and sends it every half hour to your energy supplier. You can access your electricity supply before a data collector is sorted out, but you will not be able to access your data.

How can we help?

Half hourly electricity prices are very different to residential prices, because they afluctuate with the wholesale electricity market, the time of year, your business location, and other factors.

Because of this, it’s important that you get the very best price you can get for your business electricity, by comparing suppliers. For some bigger companies, the difference between suppliers can be thousands of pounds.

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