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Compare to get cheap business electricity deal

Business electricity rates are usually different to the ones residential users pay and contracts are set up differently. To get a cheap business electricity deal, you would normally need to negotiate with business electricity suppliers.

Getting a good deal on your business electricity can ensure that you keep your operating costs low and can ultimately make your business more profitable.

When picking what business electricity deal to go for, there are several things to consider – the length of the contract, how green the electricity you use will be and of course, the price you will pay.

There are numerous business electricity suppliers in the UK and their contract conditions vary significantly. Contract lengths typically vary from 1 to 5 years for fixed contracts but flexible contracts although less common are also available.

Suppliers will also differ in terms of the fuel mix they offer – the fuel mix records the sources of energy used to produce the electricity delivered to your business.

By knowing it you can determine how green the electricity you use is, what part of it comes from nuclear energy, etc. For example, if your business wants to improve sustainability, you could go for a deal with a higher renewables level or even a 100% renewables deal.

Possibly the most important thing for business owners is to get a low cost deal on their business electricity – prices can vary significantly between suppliers. Below we look at how to get cheap electricity for business.

Compare many business electricity suppliers with energyhelpline business and save up to £2,950

What is a cheap business electricity rate?

Business electricity rates depend on the type of contract you have, your usage, the location of your business, etc.

At energyhelpline business the cheapest business electricity rates we offer start at 9.8p per kWh.

Our business energy advisors always say that anything over 12p per kWh is a rip off so you’re better off looking for a new deal.

Cheapest Business electricity rates in UK - energyhelpline Business

Business electricity rates are notably higher than gas rates – this is largely due to production costs being higher for electricity.

How do I get cheap business electricity?

To ensure your company has a cheap business electricity deal, you would have to shop around and compare rates from different suppliers.

The process can be rather time consuming as you would need to provide each supplier with your business details, usage, etc. and negotiate with them. However, price comparison services such as energyhelpline business can save you lots of time by handling the comparison for you.

Compare to get cheap business electricity suppliers with energyhelpline business and save up to £2,950

How do I compare and save on business electricity with energyhelpline business?

Saving on your business electricity with energyhelpline business couldn’t be easier.

When you contact us you would need to have your business electricity bill to hand. This is where you can get all the information we need for the comparison – your MPAN, your annual consumption and contract end date.

Within minutes we will compare a number of business electricity suppliers for you and will provide you with a free quote.

You should expect your business to go through a credit check before the new supplier accepts you as their customer.

If you choose to switch, we can handle the whole process for you and save you all the hassle of contacting your previous supplier to terminate your contract, arranging the switch over date, etc.

We can help you choose cheapest electricity for business and save you lots of money.

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