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Top 5 Business Energy Saving Tips

by energyhelpline business

1) Turn down your thermostat to 18 degrees. The optimum temperature for a work place is between 18-21degrees. For every degree you save around 10% on the heating bill. That could be thousands of pounds difference between 21C and 18C. If lots of physical work is being done then it’s likely that lower is much more efficient.

2) Install energy saving light bulbs. They save 80-90% on cost and last much much longer than standard bulbs. Motion sensitive lighting can also save big particularly if some areas are not used often.

3) Ask staff to switch off all non-essential equipment at night monitors, mobile phone chargers, computers, lighting all can be switched off at night. Lighting left on unncessarily at night or in rooms not in use tends to be a big area of waste .

4) Check your insulation make sure that the walls and roof are fully insulated and that you have checked for gaps in the window and door fittings. Keep the door closed as part of this too. Poor insulation is the same as having the front door open! 30% extra on heating bills sometimes more.

5) You can also switch your business energy. You can save up to 70% by switching to a better deal. Do it fast though, as if you are left on an out of contract rate you will be paying typically 50-100% more than a rival or neighbouring company.

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