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Are business energy prices driving your operations into the red? Switch your energy supplier!

energyhelpine compares prices of big and small suppliers to find you the best deal. We have the cheapest business electricity and gas rates in the country. As the UK’s leading independent business energy comparison and switching service, our gas and electricity rates are usually the most exclusive in the market. We have helped hundreds of wholesalers find significant energy savings. In fact, some customers have been able to reduce their bills by up to 70%. You could be one of them. Talk to one of our business energy advisers right away. We can switch your energy supplier over the phone!

Wholesalers are faced with many business challenges:

  • Growth of the Internet and direct purchasing: As manufacturers can now connect directly with retailers via the Internet, wholesalers are at risk of losing business.
  • Location: Facility location plays an important role in the distribution efficiency and cost. Land costs, however, may prevent wholesalers from being close to their customers in metropolitan areas.
  • Transportation costs: Rise in fuel prices automatically impact distribution costs. Increases are usually passed on to the retail customer reducing a wholesaler’s ability to be competitive. This brings the threat of the business going elsewhere.
  • Technology: Wholesalers must invest in research and new technologies to improve their operations and cost-efficiency. Dealing with reduced margins and many issues calling for attention, can make it difficult to upgrade.
  • Cost volatility: Fluctuation in raw material costs, product prices and exchange rates (for overseas suppliers), and rising inflation make it difficult to make proper forecasts or stick to budgets.
  • Higher energy prices: Energy prices are constantly on the rise. This affects warehousing operational expenses and also transportation costs, as mentioned above.
  • Value services: Retailers often look for wholesalers who can provide them with value-added services like associate training, promotional support, repair services and quick alteration of stock to match ever-changing buying trends. With already stretched budgets and facing further cut backs, wholesalers are finding it increasingly difficult to meet these requirements.

Wholesalers oil the wheels of the country’s economy, yet their middle position often results in their importance and difficulties being overlooked. Slim margins mean lower investments in operational efficiencies and growth.

Your energy savings can contribute a significant amount to your new initiatives and bottom line. All it takes is a call to energyhelpline!

We will compare gas and electricity prices and help you find the lowest rates. We have also made it extremely easy to switch your energy supplier. You can do it on the phone, and there is no charge for our service.

To get started, simply provide us with your current contract details.

Use Our Free Quote to Find the Maximum Energy Savings

energyhelpline Can Switch Your Business Electricity or Gas Supplier In a Few Minutes

energyhelpline advisers are knowledgeable about business electricity and gas prices across the country and provide genuine advice on how to maximise your energy savings.

Switching your energy supplier is easy. Especially since we do all the work for you—compare business energy prices, find the cheapest business gas and electricity rates, and even contract your new energy supplier for you. Plus there is no charge for our energy switching services.

Switch your gas or electricity supplier now! It will only take a few minutes to realise your energy savings.

You can also call 0800-008-7772, our free customer helpline, if you have any queries.

To switch your energy supplier and use the savings towards growing and improving your wholesale business, act now.

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