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Switch Your Gas or Electricity Supplier for Instant Energy Savings!

We Can Help Find the Cheapest Business Electricity and Gas Prices

Are steep hikes in business energy prices making it harder to run your stores cost-efficiently? energyhelpline can help you find the cheapest business electricity and gas prices for instant savings. Retailers who have taken advantage of our easy-to-use energy switching services have been able to cut electricity or gas bills by up to 70%.

Do a quick business energy comparison on our website to see what we are talking about. Making an energy supplier switch is simple. It can even be done on the phone!

Retail businesses have many challenges:

Pressure to Offer Higher Discounts: Customers are constantly seeking bigger and better discounts or they will go elsewhere. In spite of rising costs, retailers are forced to give these price breaks to stay competitive and increase foot traffic. This hurts their bottom line.

Online shopping: The popularity of online shopping is taking its toll on physical stores who are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain a steady flow of customers. Additionally, retailers who have made the move to e-commerce later than their peers are finding it difficult to keep up with the competition. Those that invested in online and multi-channel marketing earlier are far ahead in the game.

Privacy issues: Recent issues with regard to privacy breaches have made customers vary of providing too much information to retailers. This affects a retailer’s ability to gather data about customer preferences, seek new clients and keep in touch with the target audience. While mobile coupons are a great way to entice customers many people dislike being bombarded with emails.

Instant gratification: Customers want it all and now! Since they expect same-day deliveries or free shopping, these are no longer distinguishing factors for any retail business. Supply chain challenges and rising overhead costs, however, make it difficult for retailers to make this possible.

Creating a better shopping experience: Retailers are under pressure to improve their customers’ shopping experience. Attractive displays, more items, easy access to products and faster checkout require bigger investments which are eating into already shrinking margins.

Advertising budgets: Diminished returns and smaller budgets usually take their toll on retail advertising. Yet, retailers must stay in touch with their customers if they don’t want to lose them. It’s a vicious cycle.

Returns: A high rate of returns forces retailers to absorb cost of damages, restocking shelves and trying to keep up with their inventory.

Energy price hikes: Constantly rising energy costs add to store overheads making it harder for retailers to stay competitive.

Rising energy prices have wide-reaching effects on the retail industry. While paying more to maintain stores, these retail businesses must also deal with higher warehousing and transportation costs.

We can assist you in finding better energy pricing packages that will lower your bills significantly. Ten percent of customers switching their energy bills with energyhelpline between 1st October and 25th November 2014 saved £1786 or more.

As the UK’s leading independent business energy comparison and switching service, we have access to the most competitive prices in the country. Often, the gas and electricity rates we have are exclusive. You won’t find them elsewhere.

All you need to get started is your current contract details.

No Charge to Switch Your Energy Supplier Right Away!
energyhelpline Offers Free Quotes to Get You Started

energyhelpline is on your side. We compare prices from a wide range of UK suppliers to get you the cheapest business gas and electricity prices. Make the energy switch today and start adding to your bottom line right away!

Every month, thousands of businesses use our service to save money or check their current rates. We offer a Free Quote to help you get started, and there are no charges to switch your gas and electricity service. We will also take care of the entire switching process for you (including contracting your new supplier) to ensure everything goes smoothly.

You can also call 0800-008-7772, our free customer helpline, if you have any queries.

To find your energy savings right away and make your retail business more profitable, act now. Before business electricity and gas prices climb any higher!

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