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Lower Business Energy Prices—Switch Your Supplier Now!

We Can Help You Find Better Energy Packages to Lower Your Bills

Are business energy prices cutting into your profitability? energyhelpline has helped manufacturers cut business gas and electricity prices by up to 70%. Manufacturing companies across the United Kingdom come to us to find the cheapest business electricity prices. Let us help you find the cost savings that will take your bottom line to healthy levels again.

Manufacturing companies are continuously challenged on many levels:

    • Global competition: The need to be competitive has resulted in many aspects of the business being shifted to lower-cost developing markets. The constant pressure to lower prices, global competition and resultant shift of business threatens the existence of both big and small manufacturers.
    • The need for R&D: It’s a vicious cycle—manufacturers cut back on research and development to lower pricing; yet, R&D is critical to process improvements and innovation that can help them be more competitive.
    • Shrinking revenues: With the increasing severity of global competition, more players continue to enter the market. Manufacturers face competition from start-ups and established players alike. Shrinking opportunities impact the bottom line.
    • Retaining skilled labour: The need to lower operational costs has forced companies to reduce their workforce and salaries. This makes it harder to source and retain skilled labour and industry professionals.
    • Gaps in training: Cut-backs have led to fewer company-funded training programs and a lack of willingness on the part of employees to pay for training on their own. This affects efficiency and productivity as skills begin to get stagnant and fall behind the market need of the hour.
    • Fluctuating raw material costs: Price volatility is constantly throwing manufacturing budgets into a quandary. Manufacturers are finding it increasingly difficult to predict their raw material costs or to meet the lower pricing demands of their customers who have no problem going to cheaper markets.
    • Surging energy prices: The constantly rising energy costs have had a massive impact on the manufacturing industry. This is not limited to a rise in their utility bills; it also has a domino effect on transportation and freight costs.

The multitude of challenges faced by the manufacturing industry makes it difficult for businesses to keep their heads up, let alone source new growth opportunities. Struggling with stretched budgets, manufacturers are pressed to find creative ways to cut cost and get out of the red.

energyhelpline can assist you in finding better energy pricing packages that will lower your bills considerably. Switching is easy and can even be done over the phone. All you need is your current contract details to get started.

energyhelpline Has the Cheapest Business Electricity and Gas Prices

Take Advantage of a Free Quote, No Charges to Switch, Do it Now!

Utilise energyhelpline to do a quick business gas and electricity price comparison. As the UK’s leading independent business energy comparison and switching service, we have access to the most competitive prices in the country. Our gas and electricity rates are competitive in the market.

Did you know that 10% of customers switching their energy bills with energyhelpline between 1st October and 25th November 2014 saved £405 or more?

We offer a Free Quote to help you get started. Plus, there are no charges to switch your gas and electricity service. To make it even simpler, we will take care of the entire switching process for you, including contracting your new supplier.

energyhelpline is on your side. We compare prices from small and big UK suppliers to get you the best deal. Make the energy switch today!

You can also call 0800-008-7772, our free customer helpline, if you have any queries.

To find the cheapest business gas and electricity and use the cost savings to grow your manufacturing business, act now!

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