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Are you looking for ways to save on business energy costs? Constantly rising business gas and electricity rates are a major concern for churches and religious institutions which are faced with shrinking budgets. energyhelpline can help you find significant business energy savings that will provide instant reprieve. Many of our commercial customers have been able to trim their energy costs. Give us a call right away!

Churches and religious institutions have numerous challenges to deal with:

  • Dwindling community: Changing demographics and the battle to stay relevant have resulted in dwindling congregations. This typically means smaller contributions and reduced financial support. Studies indicate that the single biggest challenge faced by places of worship today is the declining number and increase in the age of worshippers.
  • Heating and lighting costs: The cost of church lighting and heating in these large, old buildings adds to the financial problems of religious institutions. Ageing infrastructure and absence of any means to conserve energy means a huge drain on the coffers. With energy costs constantly on the rise, many churches and other houses of worship are in fact, finding it difficult to balance their books.
  • Maintenance and repairs: Lack of funds and dwindling members makes it difficult to maintain the exterior and interior of the houses of worship. Neglect worsens the destruction and increases the repair and rehabilitation expenses which now become even more unaffordable.
  • Modernisation work: An ideal way for these religious institutions to raise money is to open their doors and provide a space for social, educational and cultural activities within the community. However, this often involves some modernisation work, as many are not equipped with basic amenities like a kitchen or toilet.
  • Lack of volunteers: Since most churches and religious places of worship depend on volunteers (with their own daily responsibilities) who are now difficult to engage, it is becoming tougher to plan new initiatives to revive the community or raise finances.
  • Funding: Some congregations will branch out to seek grants and donations and others to secure partnership funding from local authorities and businesses. In the end, however, the sustainability of any place of worship depends on the willingness of faith groups to give of their own, personal resources.

Business electricity and gas bills often account for a major part of the operating costs of a church or house of worship. Buildings must be heated and bills paid irrespective of the number of people who visit or contribute to it. Reducing this major expense can help channelise the money you save towards other pressing needs like building repairs or upgrades.

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