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Lower Business Electricity and Gas Rates = Reduced Farming Costs

Switch Your Energy Supplier and Enjoy Up to 70% Savings

Switching your energy supplier and paying lower rates is one of the simplest ways to cut your farm’s operational expenses. energyhelpline will find the cheapest business electricity or gas prices for you. Ten percent of customers who switched their energy supplier with us between 1st October and 25th November 2014 saved £1,786 or more. As the UK’s leading independent energy comparison and switching service, we have helped many farms find significant energy savings. It is not very likely that you will find a lower priced energy package elsewhere.

Compare business gas and electricity prices to find the lowest rates. We can help you save up to 70%. Call now for a business energy comparison.

Typical challenges farms are faced with:

  • High price of energy: Farming operations are sensitive to energy prices. As farms become more mechanised, energy becomes one of the principal inputs impacting cost of operations. Direct costs include gasoline, diesel, petroleum, natural gas, electricity, and energy use for operating irrigation equipment. Indirect expenses include fertilizer costs. Higher energy-related production costs can result in lower agricultural output, raise prices of agricultural products and reduce farm income.
  • Meeting increasing demands: One of the primary problems farmers face is having to produce more food on fewer acres in order to meet the growing demand. Not being able to do so often means being edged out by their competition.
  • Availability and price of land for expansion: Should farmers consider expanding their operations, the availability and price of land may be prohibitive. Running operations in two different places is simply not cost-effective.
  • Weather: This is one of the problems that farmers simply cannot control. Extreme temperatures, drought or floods can affect yield and consequently, cause huge productivity shortfalls and losses.
  • Customer preferences: Meeting customer preferences is a case of walking the tight rope. It is not necessary that your farm’s location is conducive to growing popular products. Additionally, some preferred foods might also be difficult and expensive to grow. The growing demand for organic products further impacts bottom line as it means avoiding all fertilisers and pesticides which boost normal yield and make it disease-resistant.
  • Investing in automation: Many older farms continue to use old machinery. Smaller profits and out-dated thinking prevents them from investing in higher-efficiency tools. This affects their productivity and go-to-market cycles, and consequently, their profits.
  • Advertising, sales, and education: Improving these aspects will assist owners in raising awareness about their farm products and operations. It will also enable consumers to better locate products that they are interested in.
  • Labour problems: Many farms use volunteers or untrained labour. In addition to raising injury liabilities, this can also cause problems with productivity.
  • New emissions standards: New government restrictions on emissions can cause problems for farms with outdated infrastructure and processes. It’s a vicious cycle, as lack of capital prevents modernisation and leads to emission penalties which in turn impact returns and any upgrades.

With future projections indicating that gas or electricity rates are likely to climb higher, farmers are hard-pressed to find ways to lower the impact on output and returns.

energyhelpline can help you reduce expenses by switching to the cheapest business electricity or gas supplier. Do it now. You will not only beat the price hike but also start saving right away.

To get started, simply provide us with your current contract details.

To Switch Your Energy Supplier for Free, Call energyhelpline

We Start with a Free Quote for the Cheapest Business Electricity and Gas Rates

energyhelpline switches your gas or electricity supplier for free. There is no charge for our service which begins with a business electricity and gas price comparison and quote.

The business energy advisers at energyhelpline are very knowledgeable about energy prices and provide genuine advice. We will provide you with a Free Quote so you can see your cost savings. Once the business energy price comparison is done, you can switch right away. You don’t have to worry about anything because we manage the process for you.

Please call 0800-008-7772, our free customer helpline, if you have any queries.

To enjoy the cheapest business electricity or gas rates, switch your energy supplier with us now.

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