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Is the high cost of business electricity or gas eating into your educational institution’s budget? Energyhelpline can help you find the cheapest business electricity or gas, and switch your energy supplier at no cost. We have helped hundreds of educational institutions in the United Kingdom get instant energy savings. Switch now! You could reduce your energy bills by up to 70%.

Educational institutions face myriad challenges:

Rankings: Rankings of educational institutions have a big impact on the number of enrolments. Hence schools, colleges and universities today are under tremendous pressure to ensure their students perform well.

Global competition: Educational tourism is on the rise. While educational institutions look to attract foreign students, they also face the prospect of losing local students to their international competitors who are offering more.

Consumer-oriented students: Today, many students shop for universities and colleges as they would with any other product and service. They want more for less.

Declining enrolments: The rising cost of higher education and pressure to work has resulted in many students postponing the pursuit of their college and university degrees or opting out altogether. Faced with declining enrolment, educational institutions are struggling to maintain viability and future funding.

Partnerships: As students look for global experience to work outside the country, studying abroad even for a semester is gaining popularity. Educators have to look for mutually beneficial tie-ups that will give them the edge.

Staff: Professional staff with international experience are a big draw for students. They also come with a higher price tag. With various institutions vying for their services, compensation packages must be very attractive. This puts a bigger dent in the financial resources of the university.

Internships and work opportunities: As newly minted graduates find it harder to get jobs on account of little work experience, the demand for educational programs with internships are on the rise. This means that educational institutions must ally with reputable employers in the community to provide work opportunities. Increased competition can shrink these prospects.

Resources: State-of-the-art laboratories, libraries and other facilities attract more students. Just like other businesses, educational institutions must also invest in improving the “customer experience”.

Energy price hikes: Energy costs are constantly on the rise. Universities are, therefore, under constant pressure to find energy savings without impacting their services or student comfort.

Many educational institutions hesitate to switch energy suppliers on account of perceived reliability issues. Doing a business energy comparison and completing the complex process of switching energy suppliers also involves time and resources.

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