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Save on Business Energy for Your Dry Cleaning Business

It Only Takes a Few Minutes to Switch Your Energy Supplier and Realise Your Savings

Are business energy prices taking a toll on your dry cleaning business? Energy Helpline can help you trim your energy bills. Hundreds of dry cleaners in the UK have benefited from our business energy comparison and switching service. We find you the cheapest business electricity and gas, and even help you switch your energy supplier. Often, our gas and electricity rates are exclusive in the market. You are not likely to find better or lower energy packages anywhere else. More importantly, our business energy advisers can do this all in a few minutes over the phone.

Dry cleaning businesses have many obstacles to overcome:

  • Overcrowding: More supply than demand makes it difficult for these business owners to keep their heads above the water.
  • Price wars: With few distinguishing factors other than price, dry cleaners are forced to reduce rates in order to attract and retain customers. There is little to stop a customer from taking his/her dry cleaning to a shop on the next street.
  • New technology: Constant innovation results in new dry cleaning products and techniques being introduced. These are expensive, so dry cleaners must be ready to invest the extra pounds to improve service, as well as absorb the cost of discarding those that have become redundant.
  • Customer cutbacks: Recession has transformed dry cleaning from a necessity to a luxury. With customers looking to streamline their expenses in every possible way, dry cleaning makes the first cut.
  • Fewer clothing items require professional wash. In fact, many clothing manufacturers are wooing customers with “can be washed” labels.
  • Higher energy prices: Energy prices have a wide reaching impact on dry cleaning businesses. This includes the cost of transporting items to and fro.

Your energy savings could go a long way in helping you invest in new technologies, and improving customer service to grow your dry cleaning business.

Switch now! Energy Helpline does all the work. All you have to do is provide us with a couple of your current details. The process to switch your energy supplier is not complicated. You can call our dedicated business energy experts on 0800 068 5222 or go online here!

Use Energy Helpline’s Free Service to Switch Your Energy Supplier Right Away

The energyhelpline service to switch your energy supplier is absolutely Free!

For starters, there is no charge to do a business energy comparison to find the cheapest business electricity and gas. We compare a huge range of big and small suppliers to find you the best deal.

Then we provide you with a free quote.

Once you have decided to switch your gas or electricity supplier, we oversee the entire process for you… including contacting your new business energy supplier. You pay nothing for this switching service.

You can also call 0800 068 5222, our free service, if you have any queries, or go online here.

*Of Bionic customers who made a saving on a three-year business energy contract between January 2020 and May 2020, the average amount saved was £1,305.

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