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Switch Your Energy Supplier and Cut Your Cost

We Can Help You Save Up to 70% on Business Energy Prices

Are the steep business energy prices affecting the profitability of your construction business? energyhelpline can assist you in finding the cheapest business electricity and gas rates. We are known to deliver up to 70% in energy savings for our clients, including those in the construction industry.

Construction companies face many significant challenges:

  • High energy costs do not just cut into profits but can result in losses, especially in fixed priced projects where costs overrun initial estimates.
  • The impact of uneven funds can be felt both short and long term as consequent delays in project completion affect future business.
  • Often, the construction of residential and commercial complexes is undertaken speculatively, anticipating market demand which may or may not occur. Project investments get locked in for long periods while returns may not be realised within expected timelines.
  • With the constant threat of price hikes, it does not seem like construction businesses are likely to catch a break any time soon. This is further compounded by the seasonal nature of work.
  • Companies that specialise in construction for certain types of businesses and/or institutions tend to have a few, large customers rather than many smaller ones. When any one or more of these customers pull out or stall a project, the construction contractors are among the first to get hit.
  • As the demand for “green construction”, “smart automation”, etc. increases, construction companies need to make greater investments in technology as well as the hiring and ongoing training of skilled workers.

All of the above scenarios, and others, make it extremely challenging for businesses in the construction industry to remain profitable and experience robust growth.

Difficulty in sourcing reliable suppliers with cheaper business gas and electricity rates, plus the time and effort involved in switching service often prevent construction companies from realising energy cost savings that are available to them. energyhelpline offers your company the opportunity to get the price break you need right away!

We have eliminated the reliability concerns and simplified the transfer process to make it easy for you. As the UK’s leading independent business energy comparison and switching service, we have access to the most competitive prices in the country. We will find you the best deals quickly and easily.

Compare business gas and electricity prices and begin the process to switch your energy supplier today. All you need is your existing contract details to get started!

Find the Cheapest Business Electricity or Gas Here

Free Quote + No Cost to Switch Gas and Electricity Service

Every month, thousands of businesses likes yours use our service to save money or check their current rates. Often, the gas and electricity rates we have are exclusive and cheaper than anyone else’s. We take care of the entire switching process and there is no cost for using our services. It is really that simple. 10% of customers switching their energy bills with energyhelpline between 1st October and 25th November 2014 saved £405 or more.

Act Now to Avoid the Impact of Rising Energy Prices

energyhelpline Has the Best Deal for You

energyhelpline compares prices from small and big UK-based suppliers to save you money. We are on your side; you can count on us to help you find the best deal and optimise your energy savings. Then we take the hassle out of switching your gas or electricity by taking charge of the whole process, including contacting your new supplier.

Compare business gas and electricity prices on our website and make the energy switch today! Use the cost savings to channel funds back into growing your construction business.

You can also call 0800-008-7772, our free customer helpline, if you have any queries.

To find the cheapest business gas and electricity and avoid the stress of spiralling energy costs, act now!

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