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Switch Your Energy Supplier to Reduce Overheads in Your Bakery

We Can Help Lower Business Electricity and Gas Costs by Up to 70%

Switching your energy supplier can help significantly reduce the cost of running your bakery. energyhelpline will find the cheapest business electricity or gas rates for you. As the UK’s leading independent energy comparison and switching service, we have helped several bakeries maximise their energy savings. Most often, you are not likely to find a lower priced energy package anywhere else. Ten percent of customers who switched their energy supplier with us between 1st October and 25th November 2014 saved £1,786 or more.

Make the call now so you can begin realising your energy savings today. We can lower your business gas or electricity costs by up to 70%.

Bakeries have many challenges to overcome:

  • Rising energy and fuel prices: The cost of energy and fuel impacts bakeries in a big way. Frequently rising prices are one of the main reasons for their shrinking margins.
  • Fluctuating raw material costs: Constant fluctuations in raw material and commodity prices make it difficult for bakery owners to estimate their expenses or profits. Just when it looks like costs are going to stay down for a while, they come back up. This being an industry-wide issue, business owners must always be prepared with a plan to hedge their losses.
  • Meeting new customer preferences: Customer preferences have changed considerably owing largely due to health concerns. This means that bakeries might have to adapt their products to meet this changing need—for example, more whole grain / multi-grain, low-sodium, and low-fat products, etc. These choices have the potential of increasing sales for producers as customers’ needs are better addressed. They may also result in greater satisfaction for consumers as they are able to purchase products that meet their demands.
  • Competition from local supermarkets: With many supermarkets producing their own baked goods in order to lower cost, local bakeries are struggling to retain their clients.
  • Adapting to changing trends within the industry: The industry is changing dramatically; as a result, bakeries must think outside the box and expand their offerings. This requires additional investment.
  • Labour and infrastructure: Improved infrastructure allows owners to run bakeries more cost-effectively. Recruiting, retaining and adequately paying staff is integral to running a successful business. Having adequate labour and the right staff is necessary to meet production requirements for consumer demands while maintaining quality standards. It also means higher cost.

Take the worry of constantly rising business energy prices off the table. You can also use the money you save towards employee salaries, upgrades, new bakery equipment / appliances or even a new shop. energyhelpline can help you switch to the cheapest business electricity or gas supplier right away. Do it now before prices rise further.

To get started, simply provide us with your current contract details.

For the Cheapest Business Electricity and Gas Rates, Call energyhelpline

We Will Help Switch Your Energy Supplier For Free!

energyhelpine does not charge you to compare business electricity and gas prices or to switch your energy supplier. It’s Free.

Once the business energy price comparison is done and we have found you the cheapest rates, you can switch right away. We will provide you with a Free Quote so you can see your cost savings.

The business energy advisers at energyhelpline are very knowledgeable about energy prices and provide genuine advice. Join our list of bakery clients who are enjoying the savings we brought to their business.

You can also call 0800-008-7772, our free customer helpline, if you have any queries.

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