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Compare business energy prices and save

Business energy usage is usually a lot higher than that of residential users, so for businesses of all sizes getting a fair deal on their business energy prices is crucial.

Energy forms a big part of business overheads so by securing a low-cost business energy deal companies ensure their bottom line stays happy.

With many suppliers operating on the business energy market and rates being determined by the size of the business, its energy consumption and premises location, getting a great deal on a business energy contract might not be a completely straightforward thing.

Comparing business energy prices and switching to the best available deal can lead to quick and easy savings for the company when a business energy price comparison service such as energyhelpline business is used.

Compare business energy prices from 16 business energy suppliers with energyhelpline business

Factors affecting business energy prices

Business energy rates vary significantly from company to company. The price your business will get depends on several factors taken into account by suppliers when determining what rates to offer you.

One of the most important factors is where your business is located. The UK is separated into 14 different energy regions and each of the many suppliers would have different prices for each region.

Another factor is how much energy your business consumes. The more energy you use, the more energy suppliers would want your custom, so you are likely to get better prices.

However, business energy suppliers wouldn’t necessarily offer you the best prices straight away.

If you don’t negotiate your commercial energy prices when you move into new premises, you are likely to be placed on out-of-contract rates which can be as much as double the price of normal market rates, according to CMA research from 2015.

Also, if you are in a business energy contract which expires soon but you miss the termination period, you could end up automatically rolled over onto an expensive business energy deal by your current supplier.

Compare business energy prices from 16 business energy suppliers with energyhelpline business

How to compare business energy prices and save on energy

So how do you ensure your business lands a great business energy deal? The answer is simple – you need to actively negotiate with suppliers.

Business energy contracts are usually fixed for a period of 1 to 5 years. Unlike in the domestic energy market, you won’t be able to switch your supplier before your current contract expires.

You could normally start looking at a new energy deal about 6 months before your contract end date. Most suppliers would allow you to terminate your contract free of charge up to 30 days prior to your contract end date.

Your current supplier will usually send you a renewal rate quote, which you could use as a point of comparison when you get quotes from other suppliers as well.

To provide you with a quote other suppliers will ask you about your meter number (MPAN), your annual consumption and contract end date.

As there are so many business energy suppliers in the UK, calling up all of them could become a cumbersome task. This is where price comparison services like energyhelpline business can help.

Compare business rates from 16 business energy suppliers with energyhelpline business

How does energyhelpline business help you save on your business energy prices?

Of course, not every business has a designated person to deal with the business energy contract. That’s why amongst other things, this often gets neglected and the bottom line suffers.

As the business energy comparison process is not automated, energyhelpline business will take the time to liaise with suppliers and negotiate the best available business energy rates.

The comparison process requires minimal work from you – after you contact us, we will take your details and come back to you shortly with quotes from a panel of 16 business energy suppliers.

Our expert advisors are also able to help with the switch, liaising with both your current and your future supplier regarding the termination and the switch over of your supply, should you decide to go ahead and switch.

This way you save both valuable time as well business energy prices which could hopefully help to make your business more profitable.

Compare business energy prices from 16 business energy suppliers with energyhelpline business

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