The Business Energy Savings Process


How do I get a quote?


Call us on 0800 008 77 72 to request a quote. Alternatively, go to our homepage and enter your details, indicating a good time for us to call you back.

We ask clients to have to hand at recent copy of their gas and/or electricity bill so we can do a search of alternative suppliers in the market and get you an accurate quote. The quote will detail the savings you can expect from the rates we have offered.


If you like the quote we have offered we will arrange the contract between you and the supplier and ensure that the transfer process runs smoothly.



Why do you need to see a copy of my bill?


Your bill shows us a 10 digit Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) or 21 digit Supply Number or MPAN – this is a unique reference for each meter at your property. We
need the MPRN and/or MPAN in order to identify the correct tariff
for you – it tells us what kind of meter you have, which supply area you
are in and your energy consumption.  Without an MPRN and/or MPAN we cannot offer you a price.

Normally a Supply Number or MPAN on your electricity bill will look like this:







0123                 0123



Choose the right quote for your business

Our quotes carry no obligation, meaning that you are free to accept or reject whichever you choose. However, we are sure we can find you a better tariff for your business.


Inform your existing supplier

If you choose to change supplier, we’ll do all the hard work for you. You need to inform them in writing but we’ve created the letter for you: you just need to copy and paste the relevant termination letter from our site and send it to your existing supplier. There is no need to contact your new supplier, as we will do all of this for you.

Ring 0800 008 77 72 to find our more or  Click here to compare energy

Or to return to the homepage Click here to compare energy

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